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Trépied Miller DS10

Trépied Miller DS10

The Miller DS-10 DV Fluid Head and Solo Aluminum Tripod with Handle and Pan Bag is a complete tripod system that supports up to 11 pounds of cameras and accessories. Fluid head features a 75mm half ball for quick leveling, two counterweight adjustments, fluid platen and sliding balance plate. The head tilts straight down to a 75 ° tilt up and 360 ° continuous travel with individual pivot and tilt locks. An included articulated handle lets you adjust your grip for optimal use.

  • Details

    The Solo 75 feet are made from a magnesium alloy, providing a beneficial balance of strength, durability and weight. It has a 75mm bowl for leveling, and integrated twist-lock for height adjustment. Combined with the three preset locking positions, the legs feature a height adjustment from 9 to 64 "(not including head height). The soft-sided carrying case includes padded handles and allows you to store your head, handle and legs for storage or transport.

    Miller DS-10 fluid head (75mm spherical base)
    The Miller DS-10 Fluid Head delivers the level of quality found only in more expensive (high-priced) heads, for today's compact digital camcorders. Features a smooth multi-stage drag system, an integrated counterweight system combined with a sliding balance plate and a quick release and auto-lock system.

    Pan & Tilt Multi-Step Fluid Drag System
    The DS-10 Fluid Head incorporates Miller's Multi-Stage Fluid Drag System, providing smooth, consistent fluid fluid control over all temperature ranges and through a wide range of light and heavy settings.
    Preset counterweight
    The DS-10 uses a system specially designed to neutralize the effect of payloads and their centers of gravity.
    Quick release camera platform
    This device is equipped with a precision quick-release camera platform that incorporates a sliding balance plate for precise payload balancing.
    Safe at any temperature
    Pressure or temperature does not influence the damping system, it has an operating range of -40 ° F to + 149 ° F and operates without friction.
    Miller Solo DV Aluminum Tripod with 75mm Bowl - Supports up to 44 lbs (20 kg)
    The Miller Solo DV Aluminum Tripod is an ultra-light, racy stand designed for quick set-up and breakdown while supporting a heavy 44 lb (20 kg) load. The industry-standard 75mm cup accommodates plenty of fluid heads, and the reinforced rubber leg pads ensure the best sole no matter the terrain.

    Ultra-rigid aluminum alloy and magnesium design
    3 Position Leg Angle Lock - No Spreader
    Spiked or wind rubber feet
    Miller 681 pan handle for some video heads
    This grip is compatible with Miller DS5, DS10, DS20 and Miller Compass 23 fluid video heads. It connects and locks on either side of these heads with a clamp and bolt for right or left hand use.

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