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Sony PDW 510P with SDI OUT

Sony PDW 510P with SDI OUT

Sony's PDW series camcorders have been designed with particular attention to field acquisition, delivering excellent picture quality, operability and reliability inherited from the Sony BETACAM ™ line of acquisition products. In addition to these impressive capabilities, the Sony PDW series camcorders also offer many innovative features that take full advantage of the benefits of non-linear disc media. These unique features offer a whole new style of field operation, adding flexibility and efficiency to operations where rapid program completion is a top priority.

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    New “non-linear” recording medium Professional discs have a natural advantage in that they do not experience any mechanical contact during recording or playback, making the format ideal for continuous use and reuse (up to 10 000 times!). The professional disc is also highly resistant to dust, shock and scratches, packed in an extremely durable and dust resistant cartridge. It is resistant to heat, humidity and x-rays - factors that make the professional disc an ideal tool for use in harsh environments and which also allows long life and long-term storage (50 years) . Finally, for all of its inherent advantages - instant access, high speed transfer and exceptional reliability - professional drives still cost the same as tape and can therefore be thought of as media. Ultimate convenience of acquisition Sony XDCAM camcorders take full advantage of new optical media. Recordings on professional discs are automatically made to the empty area of a disc, relieving camera operators of worries about accidentally writing other confirmed “takes”. Additionally, since acquisition is a continuous process of shooting and reviewing, it eliminates the burden of finding the correct position to start the next recording, meaning the camera is always ready for. the next shot. Operators can also review their last take immediately, simply by pressing the "Return (RET)" button. If a take is not good, it can be easily deleted from the disk before moving on to the repeat. In this way, not only do you save disk space, but you can also prepare a disc that contains only your OK takes, increasing the efficiency of subsequent editing processes. Improved ergonomics With all Sony XDCAM products, a thumbnail is automatically generated to represent each recording made. As is often the case in non-linear editing systems, these thumbnails provide instant access and playback of clips. The Essence marks used in Sony XDCAM products are also a very useful form of metadata, and provide a more efficient way to search for recordings via thumbnail images. Essence marks can be set manually or automatically during filming. List of available metadata: • Manual tagging • Auto tagging (white balance, filter wheel, gain, etc.) Advantages of proxy AV data Proxy AV Data is a low resolution, MPEG-4based version of the MPEG IMX / DVCAM stream full resolution. When a recording is made, an AV Proxy stream

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