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Sony PDW U2

Sony PDW U2

Compact unit supporting all XDCAM file formats

The PDW-U2 extends the computer identifiers of XDCAM by providing a simple, portable reader that can be used with a PC or Mac for viewing (using Sony's free software) or full read / write access with a compatible NLE. As a very successful alternative to PWD-U, PDW-U2 supports the use of four XDCAM Professional Disc media, double and single, offering a capacity of up to 128 G. Rewritable triple-layer discs will be supported. in charge later.

  • Details

    Handles all XDCAM file formats
    The PDW-U2 handles files in all formats: XDCAM HD422, XDCAM HD and XDCAM SD. The device also allows the recording of data files using a user data folder
    Supports high-capacity four-layer professional discs
    PDW-U2 supports professional write-once (PFD128QLW), dual-layer (PFD50DLA), and single-layer (PFD23A) drives, providing high capacity and new workflow capabilities, with over four hours recording at HD422 50 Mbps.
    High speed read / write
    The PDW-U2 offers 2.6 times (read) / 1.5 times (write) speeds faster than the PDW-U1 with the new 2-channel 1-head DCHS reader.
    Access professional discs directly from a PC
    The PDW-U2 provides the ability to directly access professional disk files from a PC connected via a USB cable. The system supports Super Speed USB (USB3.0) interface and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface.
    Compact design
    The PDW-U2 is small and light, inheriting the concept of the PDW-U1. It can be used horizontally or vertically.

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