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Trépied Miliboo MTT701B

Trépied Miliboo MTT701B

The miliboo MTT701B is ideal for professional photography, it gives you more flexibility for all kinds of cameras and camcorders. Thanks for the large load capacity, you don't have to worry about the quality.

The elegant cuvette head includes a quick release plate with 1/4 and 3/8 screws for camera equipment (Control the degree of tightness by a coin), and the fluid head can be used as a head with flat base after removing the ball head, then be installed on a mono and like lug. the safety catch on the plate prevents the camera from slipping and falling. The fluid head is cold-proof and anti-freeze, and can be used when the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius below Zero.

  • Details

    Model: Tour MTT701B

    Material: Carbon Fiber

    Tube Diameter: 29.4mm

    Tube wall thickness: 1.2mm

    Load: 25 kg

    The operating height: 180cm ~ 38cm

    Fluid head: MYT802 including

    Weight: 4.38 kg

    Tube Section: 3

    Storage height: 86 cm

    Fits Bowl Size: 75mm


    The platform bowl base can transfer all kinds of head freely;

    The horse's base can be disassembled and locked freely.

    Fluid head Details:

    Type: MYT802

    Component: Flat base + bowl + handle

    Bowl size: 75mm

    Adjust angle: The horizontal angle is 360 degree, and the pitch angle is between +90 and -70 degree

    Black color

    Head height: 21cm

    Official Accessory: Package Box, Tripod Package, MYT802 Fluid Head (Quick Release Plate, Bowl Head, Handle).

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